My Little Pony: Dungeons & Ponies

A ponified ruleset for Pathfinder

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Creating a Character

Creating your own pony is simple! Just follow these steps:

1. Roll/Pick stats

2. Pick a race

3. Pick a class(can multi class at higher levels)

4. Pick a cutie mark(if any)

5. Pick Skills/Feats

6. Pick spells(if any)


To roll stats, simply roll 4d6 and add up the highest 3. Write that number down, then repeat the process 5 more times(for a total of 6 times). After you have your 6 numbers, assign them to the stats of your choice.

Optional rolling rule: You may redo the entire process up to 3 times, but if you choose to do this, you must give up all of the previous rolls.

For point buy, each stat starts at 10, from there, you spend points to increase your stat by a certain amount. The higher the stat is, the more it costs to improve! Also remember, racials get applied AFTER point buying is complete.


Earth Ponies

+2 Strength

+2 Constitution

-2 Intelligence

Can wield large weapons without penalty

Tough skin(+1 natural AC, stacks with everything)

+2 will save

Base speed: 30m

Pegasus Ponies

+2 Dexterity

-2 Constitution

+2 Wisdom

Free skill point every level and fly is always a class skill.

Can fly under normal conditions with no skill check

Can treat clouds as either a solid or gaseous object at will.

Base speed: 25m/50m when flying

Unicorn Ponies

-2 Strength

+2 Intelligence

+2 Charisma

Double MP regen(every 10 min instead of 20 min)

Extra horn attack(1d6+level damage)

+1 difficulty to save against spells.

Unicorns can wield any weapon with no penalty with their magical power, but for it to be effective, they have to be within melee range of the target. In addition, to cast a spell, they must drop the weapon. Picking up the weapon again is a standard action, and they must be within 5m of the weapon. Lastly, while wielding the weapon, they cannot regen MP.

Base speed: 20m

Alicorns(note, normally not a PC race, requires DM approval +usually other heavy penalties to use, just here as a template for NPCs)

+2 Str

+2 Dex

+4 Con

+4 Int

+2 Wis

+4 Charisma

Extra horn attack(2d6+level damage)

Base speed: 40m/80m when flying

Alicorns also have all of the racial abilities of Earth Ponies/Pegasi/Unicorns



Hit die: d8

BAB per level: + ⅔ a level(rounded down)

Primary Stats: Wis, Str

Class Skills: Fly, Stealth, Handle Animal

MP Per level: 2 + Wis Modifier

Druids use MP to cast natural spells.

Druids starts with 2 level 0 and 1 level 1 spell. Every level, a druid learns 1 additional spell of each level that they can cast(max 4 of a spell level).

A druid learns a new level of spells every 2 levels(3,5,7,...)

Druids ignore up to 15% of spell failure from armor.


Hit die: d12

BAB per level: +1

Primary Stats: Str, Dex

Class Skills: Athletics, Perception, Persuasion

Additional +level/2(rounded down) damage on hit with any melee weapon(x2 with large weapons).

Free martial weapon proficiency feat.

Once per turn, a fighter may make a persuasion check to attempt to intimidate an opponent within 5m into forcing them into attacking the fighter next round. The fighter must remain within 5m of the opponent for the entirety of the turn.

Fighters are masters of armed combat.


Hit die: d10

BAB per level: +1

Primary Stats: Str, Wis

Class Skills: Athletics, Fly, Stealth

Monks gain an additional unarmed attack on a full round attack action at their highest BAB value.

Monks have a -4 to hit with any weapon besides natural weapons.

Monks move 5m faster when not wearing armor.

Monks get an additional bonus to their AC equal to their Wis modifier when not wearing armor.

Monks do 1d6 damage with unarmed strikes instead of 1d3 damage.

Monks specialize in hoof to hoof combat.


Hit die: d8

BAB per level: +1

Primary Stats: Dex, Wis

Class Skills: Athletics, Stealth, Perception, Handle Animal

MP Per level: 1 + ½ Wis Modifier(rounded down)

Rangers can never run out of ammunition.

Free martial weapon proficiency feat.

Rangers get a bonus + ⅓/level(rounded down) chance to hit with ranged attacks at distances greater than 10m.

Rangers also get a bonus to their initiative equal to ¼/level

Rangers are ranged attackers.


Hit die: d8

BAB per level: +1

Primary Stats: Dex, Chr

Class Skills: Athletics, Stealth, Perception, Persuasion

MP Per level: 1

Free martial weapon proficiency feat.

Rogues gain additional sneak attack damage equal to 1d4 per rogue level if their target is flanked or flat footed.

Rogues try to hit opponents from their blind side.


Hit die: d6

BAB per level: + ½ (rounded down)

Primary Stats: Int, Wis

Class Skills: Knowledge, Persuasion

MP Per level: 2 + 1.5 * Wis Modifier(rounded down)

Sorcerers starts with 2 level 0 and 1 level 1 spell. Every level, a sorcerer learns 1 additional spell of each level that they can cast(max 4 of a spell level).

A sorcerer learns a new level of spells every 2 levels(3,5,7,...)

Sorcerers use MP to cast spells.

Cutie Marks

Cutie marks can be almost anything you want them to be! Anything from being able to fly super fast, to being knowledgeable in a certain area, to being a great gardener. They cannot be too broad however, and require DM approval.

Cutie Marks in combat: On a hit roll, the max bonus a cutie mark can give is a +1 bonus. On a damage roll, the max is the weapon enhancement bonus for a 1 handed weapon, or a 2*weapon enhancement bonus for a large, and spell level bonus damage per spell level.

Skills: Any skill check related to that pony’s cutie mark is an instant +5 if in the same general area, or +10 if it matches closely. In addition, that skill check will use the highest stat the pony has, regardless of what the skill would normally use.

If you chose to not have a cutie mark, your talent is still undiscovered, and you get a +2 bonus to every skill check and and an additional +1 damage on all hits. You lose this bonus once you acquire a cutie mark.

You are not limited to the above rules, they are just to used as guidelines. Cutie marks is something where you can really be creative! Ask your DM if you have a particularly creative idea on what your cutie mark is and determine an appropriate bonus for it.


Every class gets 1 + int(or wis, whichever is higher) modifier skill points per level. Minimum of 1 per level.

Athletics(Str): Athletics is your physical ability to jump, climb, swim, etc.

Fly(Dex): Fly is your ability to fly.

Handle Animal(Chr): Handle Animal is your ability to communicate with animals.

Knowledge(General)(Int): General knowledge is a knowledge check that an be used on any knowledge check, but at half value(rounded down). Particularly obscure knowledge might not be usable with this skill.

Knowledge(Specific)(Int): Specified knowledge in a specified area is a knowledge check at full value, but only works on that specific area.

Perception(Wis): How well you notice things. That crack in the wall, an object that was moved when you looked the other way, or whether somepony is telling the truth.

Persuasion(Chr): Persuasion is your ability to convince people to see your side of the story or tell a lie.

Stealth(Dex): How well you can sneak around, how well you can hide your casting of a spell, and how well you can do parlor tricks.


A character gains a feat at level 1,3,6,9,12,15, and 18(and every 3 level thereafter). A character can pick any feat from the list.

Cleave: Anytime you slay a creature, or score a critical hit on a creature, you get a free attack on any other creature in range(max 1 bonus attack per round). You can take this feat multiple times, each time you take it, the maximum number of bonus attacks per round increases by 1(but still max 1 hit per creature in range).

Power Attack: -1 to hit, but +2 damage(+3 for large). This bonus(and penalty) stacks every 4 levels.

Whirlwind Attack: Attack all creatures in range(including allies) with a melee weapon at a -4 penalty to hit.

Martial Weapon Proficiency: Allows you to use martial weapons without penalty(-2 to hit otherwise).

Large Weapon Proficiency: Allows you to use large weapons without penalty.

Improved Critical: Increases the crit threat range of all weapons you wield by 1. Does not stack with anything else that increases this range.

Combat studies: You may use your int modifier instead of your str/dex modifier to determine your hit(not damage) with a melee/ranged weapon.

Dodge: +1 dodge bonus to AC, this feat can be taken multiple times.

Combat Reflexes: Gain extra AoOs equal to your dex bonus.

Mobility: +4 AC against attacks of opportunity.

Run/Flight Speed: Increase movement by 5m. Can be taken multiple times.

Improved <save>: +2 to chosen save. In addition, if you would fail a save of that type, you may reroll the die. Can only be used once per day.

Skill Focus: Pick a skill, you gain a +3 bonus in that skill. You can select this feat multiple times, but not for the same skill.

Armor Training: -10% arcane spell failure chance and +1 max dex bonus on all armor worn, May be taken multiple times.

Extra MP: An additional 5 max MP. You can take this feat multiple times.

Quick Spell: Cast a spell as a swift action. The spell MP cost is tripled. You can still cast another spell as your standard action. Cannot be used on spells without an MP cost.

Stealth casting: You get a +2 bonus to all rolls to cast a spell stealthfully, in addition, the difficulty to perceive these spells is increased by +5.

Indirect Spell: You can cast a spell originating from any location. To do this, you need to make a DC 10 + distance(in squares) + ½ spell level caster level check. Does not work with touch spells.


In order to cast a spell, you must meet 3 requirements:

1. Have learned the spell.

2. Have the minimum required int/wis to cast the spell(10 + spell level)

3. Have the required MP to cast the spell(usually the spell level)

Ponies regenerate MP over time at the rate of 10%MP/20 minutes while awake and 20%MP/20 minutes while sleeping(Rounded up). If a pony casts a spell while regenerating mana, the timer restarts.

Casting a spell stealthfully: To cast a spell without provoking an attack of opportunity or making it obvious you are casting a spell, you make a stealth check equal to 10 + caster level you are casting at. If you fail this check, the spell fizzles and the MP is wasted. If the spell is successful, anyone that is in sight of you gets a perception check against the rolled stealth amount + your max caster level, and may still get an attack of opportunity if they beat your roll. Note that this only applies to the actual casting of the spell, e.g. if you cast a ray attack, the ray is still perfectly visible to all.

Spell list:


D = Druids can cast this spell

S = Sorcerers can cast this spell

M = Requires material component, listed in the spell description

Level 0:

Heal minor wound(D,S):

A simple spell that heals 1 hp.

Magic Missile(S):

A missile that does 1d4+level damage. Always hits, and bypasses all damage resistance.


Causes 1 object to shine for 10 minutes/level.

Create Water(D):

Create 1L water/level.

Discern Direction(D):

Determine North.

<Stat> Burst(D):

Chosen stat is increased by 2 for 6 seconds(1 round).

Lesser Mage Hoof(S):

Weak telekinesis on 1 object.

Magic Sound(S):

Sound emits from chosen object.

Level 1:

Create/Remove Mustache(S):

Subject gains a mustache with shape of your choice(but not color) for 1/hour level. Can also remove any magical mustache. Bonus to disguises of the opposite gender(DM discretion).

Protection from weather(D):

Subject is protected from natural weather effects for 1 hour/level

Mage Armor(S):

Gives +4 AC for 1 hour/level.

Chilling touch(S):

Deals 1d6 plus 50% chance for 2 temporary str loss(non-stacking).


+5 bonus on anything related to jumping for 1 minute/level.

Heal light wounds(D,S):

Heals 1d8+level(max 5) damage.


+2 natural armor for 1 min/level

Hinder Tracking(D):

Difficulty to be tracked increases by 5 for 10 min/level.

Animal empathy(D):

+5 on Handle Animal checks for 1 min/level.

Shield of Faith(S):

+2 deflection bonus to AC for 1 min/level.

Shocking Hooves(S):

1d6/level electric damage. Max 3d6.

2nd level:

Surge of <Stat>(D):

+4 to any one stat for 6 seconds/level.

Scorching Ray(S):

Ray deals 4d6 damage, 1 ray/4 levels after minimum casting level(max 3).


Invisiblity for 1 min/level, or until attacking.

Spider Climb(D,S):

Climb on walls at ½ speed for 5 min/level.

Lesser Restoration(D,S):

Restore 1 lost stat point due to conditions.

Tree Shape(D):

Appear as a tree for 1 hour/level.

Cure Moderate(D,S):

Heal 2d8 +1/level(max 10) damage.

Shield Other(D):

You take half the damage chosen target would take instead(rounded down).

Acid Arrow(S):

Arrow deals 2d4 damage every round for level/2 rounds.

3rd level:

Create Door(D,S):

A door appears at the location of your choice within 30m. The door appears open or closed and can be made lockable(DC 10+caster level). The door is fragile, and a DC 15 str check can break it down.

Protection bubble(S,D):

You create a bubble that absorbs damage. Damage absorbed is equal to 10 + caster level + caster stat modifier. The damage absorbtion works for all those inside it, friend or foe. At an additional MP cost, you can make the bubble larger. 1 square = normal, 2 squares = 2x, 3 squares = 4x, etc. If the bubble is at least 4 squares large, it also counts as a slow fall spell for all those inside of it. The bubble lasts for one round/level or until all damage has been absorbed.

Teleport self, minor(S,D):

Teleport up to 30m at the cost of 3 MP per 5 meters.

Resolve bickering(D):

This spell can resolve minor problems for 10 minutes/level. The targets will act as if the problem never existed until the spell ends.

Flame burst(S):

You burst into flames, dealing 1d6 per level(max 10d6) damage to everypony within 5 meters and 1d4-1 per level(max 10d4) damage to yourself.


1 cubic meter per caster level of non-magical material is instantly repaired.

Cure Serious Wounds(D,S):

Heals 3d8 +1/level(max +15) hit points of damage.

4th level:

Dominate mind, lesser(S):

Take complete control over a creature no more than ½ your level. The duration is (Your level /2) - (Their level) rounds(minimum one). The effects of this spell are fairly obvious, and a DC 5+caster level perception check can identify if a target is under control of the spell.

Cure Critical Wounds(D,S):

Heals 4d8 +1/level(max +20) hit points of damage.

Blessing of <stat>(D):

Target gains +2 to chosen stat for 1 minute/level.

Disguise self(S):

Attempts to cloak the caster to look like another being of approximately the same shape and size. This spell does not grant any racial bonuses to the caster. Grants a +5 bonus to disguise checks. Lasts 20 minutes/level.

Unveil disguise(D):

Attempts to rip apart any disguise that the target may be wearing, magic or not. For a non-magical disguise, roll 1d20 + caster level against the stealth value of the disguise. For a magical disguise, roll 1d20 + caster level against the caster level of the disguise spell + 10. A failed unveil disguise spell will always fail on successive casts.


Heals 3 stat points of damage to any one stat.

Wall of Fire(S):

Creates a 5 meter tall wall of fire that does 3d6 +1/level damage to anypony in it or moving through it. The fire wall can take any shape. The wall lasts for 1 round/level and can be up to caster level * 5 meters in length.

Improved Barkskin(D):

+3 natural armor for 2 minutes/level.

5th level:

Cure light wounds, mass(D,S):

Heals 1d8 + caster level hit points to up to caster level creatures.

Magic bolt(S):

Bolt of magic deals 1d8 damage per level to a target. For every 5 MP extra you spend to cast the spell, you can make it bounce off of one wall. Bouncing the shot increases the AC of the target by 2 per wall.


Teleport up to 100m at the cost of 2 MP/5 meters, At the cost of double MP, you can take one willing target within 5 meters with you.

Additional Rules

Filly/Colt characters: You can play as a filly or colt if you wish. The standard penalty is -2 str, -2 con, +2 dex, and you are treated as a small creature.

If you are a pegasus, you lose the ability to fly without a skill check. If you are a unicorn, you gain 5% spell failure(the druid class ability does not apply to this). Earth ponies lose the +1 bonus to AC.

If you are not an earth pony, or a unicorn using the magic ability to wield a large weapon, the penalty for using a large weapon is a -2 to hit.

Two unicorns can touch horns to empower a spell. Empowering the spell increases all effects by 3, but both unicorns must spend twice as much MP as normal for the spell, and both much be the minimum caster level to cast the spell.

Non-Magic Items

Armor and weapons are below. For other generic items, use the items found in the pathfinder rule book(1 gp = 1 bit).




Max Dex

Spell Fail








5 bits






10 bits

Stud. Leather





25 bits






75 bits






100 bits






600 bits

Full Plate





1500 bits

Simple Weapons:


















2 bits












12 bits






2 bits






35 bits






50 bits







Martial Weapons:







Short Sword





10 bits






10 bits






15 bits






15 bits






13 bits






20 bits






50 bits






10 bits






18 bits






30 bits






75 bits

Magic Items

For now, just use items found in the pathfinder rulebook(1 gp = 1 bit).